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Let me tell you my story...

I was born a couple of years after the Second World War in 1948. My parents had been farmers all their lives, which means that as a kid I knew what hard working was like. Now, after so many years I am proud of that and it still helps me today!

Back in 1968 my career in this industry started at the lowest level, as a courier for AMI, a big company that belonged to the CMA Compagnie Maritime Belge. I did the follow-up of all customs documents and helped in the import department. Three years later I started working for a small local freight forwarder specialist & customs broker. There I really learned the job in both import and export, later on as a salesman.

In 1980 I got the opportunity to work as an Airfreight Manager for "Gerlach", a big European company. I did that job until 1985 when I opened the air freight branch for Livingston International at the Brussels International airport. Another 5 years later in 1990, my dream came true and I opened my own company.

Why do I tell you this? Simply, because i want to prove you that you can trust us! At All Freight Logistics we believe in reliability. My people and i believe that you should be advised about trade and transportation requirements in a highly professional way.

Therefore you can count on us. Today and tomorrow!
Freddy De Greef † (1948-2015)

All Freight was entrusted to me in 2014 after having worked here for (21 years) and as I was taught, quality customer service and reliability are the qualities that customers rely on and which we continue to provide today. We are convinced that we must inform you in a highly professional manner about trade and transport requirements and logistics management.

All Freight continues to grow due to our dedication to providing the excellent service to customers and agents alike.

Experience the difference!  You can depend on us to provide the best service, today and tomorrow!

Gunter De Greef

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